Why Are We Rotarians?

I’ve been in Rotary with the RCWS for some 17 years now.  I’ve found Rotary and particularly our RCWS and its members to be caring, community-oriented people who basically focus on and care about the mission of Rotary, which is to help those in need the community, as well as building a better community through good example and projects.  I also like the fact we Rotarians do not seek glory or primary recognition for ourselves or Rotary;  rather, it is the mission/community projects which inspire and energize us and which we promote. -  John Pellegrin

I am a Rotarian – because someone took the time to ask me.  They saw something in me, a passion for service and they unleashed me on Rotary and I have not looked back since.  The real question should be why do I stay in Rotary – basically three things –the chance to give back and make a difference in someone's life (service locally and internationally); next the fellowship (the great Rotarians I get to share time with) and last the FUN I have with members, the friends of Rotary and the people we help – we do MAKE A DIFFERENCE! - Steve Cook

I’m a Rotarian because I enjoy the fellowship and camaraderie of successful people who look beyond self and work hard to significantly help others in our community, nation, and the world. Making the daily effort to follow the Rotarian “Four Way Test” also helps keep me focused and inspires me to lead a better life. - Dane Rozenski
Mailing Address
Rotary Club of West Springfield
P.O. Box 2097
Springfield, VA 22152

Voice Mailbox
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Club Activities (Partial List)
- Scholarships to NVCC
- Support to Special Olympics
- Support to Crestwood, Garfield and Lynbrook Elementary Schools
- Dictionaries to Third Graders
- Kristi's Christmas
Club Leadership 2023-24
Ray Wolff
Vice President & President-elect
Fred Kalema-Musoke
Immediate Past President
Ray Wolff
Greg Street
Dan Clark
Jim Kirkpatrick
Director Club Service
Bill Krist
Director Youth Service
Yair Ramos
Director Vocational Service
Tom Janson
Director Community Service
Doug Alcorn
Director International Service
John Paul Delgado
Director and NXT Chair
Ed Schoenberg
Springfield Golf & Country Club
8301 Old Keene Mill Road
Springfield, VA 22152

Morning Group:
Most Wednesdays (In-Person & Zoom): 7:30 to 8:30am
NXT Evening Group:
1st Tuesday (In-Person & Zoom): 7:00 to 8:00pm
3rd Tuesday (Zoom Only): 7:00 to 8:00pm

Check the listing below as meeting information may change.
Club Meetings and Events

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